Recipe: Perfect Chocolate cake jello twist

Chocolate cake jello twist. When in doubt, chocolate is always the answer. Blend all ingredients together in large mixer bowl; beat for two minutes at medium speed. Bring these simple chocolate jello shots to a party. and watch them disappear.

Chocolate cake jello twist Jello Poke Cake is cool, creamy, filled with jell-o and perfect for any get together. Picture this: a delicious cake with fruity jello poked throughout, and topped with a smooth layer of whipped cream. (You could use instant chocolate pudding if you wanted chocolate covered strawberry jello cake). Lemon Cake Jello Shots taste like cake! You can cook Chocolate cake jello twist using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Chocolate cake jello twist

  1. Prepare of Chocolate cake.
  2. It's 1 cup of whipped cream estimated.
  3. You need 1 of pouch strawberry jello.

Lemon Cake Jello Shots taste like cake! This classic Jello shot recipe gets a twist with cake vodka and sprinkles for the perfect party shot! So I tried Kool aid for icing and it was great. But I still wanted to do something with Jello.

Chocolate cake jello twist instructions

  1. Take boiled water 1 cup and add strawberry jello.
  2. Let it cool down and add whipped cream.
  3. Mix all and pour it on chocolate cake.
  4. Let it chill enjoy amazing jello twist cake.

I've never been a big jello eater but I do like using it for a poke cake or in a salad. Eggless chocolate cake that's super soft, moist & delicious. This is a simplest eggless chocolate cake recipe with step by step photos & video. Eggless chocolate cake is one of the quickest and can be made even by a beginner without any hassles. Jell-O use to make chocolate flavored Jell-O.

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