How to Prepare Tasty Christmas Cookie House

Christmas Cookie House. Make Testando Produtos Novos - Christmas Cookie House Party - Too Faced Use some dark green food gel color to tint some royal icing. If these cookies don't convince Santa to make a stop at your On the first day of Christmas, our true love gave to us: all of the icing, all of the sugar, and all.

Christmas Cookie House Part of its charm is taking the time during the. Print recipe for: Christmas Cookie House Recipe. Tempting bar cookie recipes just right for holiday baking, including blondies, fruitcake bars, brownies, hermit bars, congo bars, lemon-date bars, and many other irresistible treats. You can have Christmas Cookie House using 11 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Christmas Cookie House

  1. Prepare of Butter (or margarine).
  2. It's of Egg.
  3. Prepare of Sugar (use beet sugar if possible).
  4. You need of Vanilla essence.
  5. Prepare of Cake flour.
  6. You need of to 2 tablespoons Cocoa powder.
  7. You need of to 1 teaspoon Matcha.
  8. You need of Powdered sugar.
  9. Prepare of Egg white.
  10. It's of to 3 drops Lemon juice.
  11. It's of Edible decorations (to taste).

Step up your game this christmas with this amazing recipe. And most often the cookie houses aren't even eaten. This year, instead of making one big house that I plan on serving them perched on the edge of big mugs filled with hot cocoa for our Christmas. Find easy Christmas cookie recipes for healthy molasses cookies, whole grain sugar cookies, peppermint cookies, and more at Cooking Light.

Christmas Cookie House step by step

  1. Cut out the house pattern out of thick paper. The design and size is up to you. The pattern on the top left is the chimney, which will be sliced at the folds when baking..
  2. Make the dough. Combine butter and sugar in a bowl, and mix well until it turns pale. Add the egg little by little, and add vanilla essence. Add cake flour and fold in with a rubber spatula..
  3. Divide the dough into portions for the white, brown, and green approximately in the proportion as the photo. The brown is with cocoa powder and the green is with matcha (I used powdered green tea this time) and knead until the colors are well-incorporated. When they are both evenly mixed, wrap each dough and refrigerate for an hour..
  4. Sandwich the dough between 2 sheets of plastic wrap and roll out to 5 mm thick. Take the top sheet of plastic off. Lay the pattern on top and cut out using a small knife. The color of the dough is up to you. Since I like the powdered sugar added to look like snow to stand out, I use brown dough for the ground and roof, the white dough for the walls, and the green dough for the tree and wreath..
  5. With the pattern paper still attached (on the bottom) to the dough pieces, bake in a 160 °C oven for 25 minutes. Take off the pattern paper and cool the pieces on a rack..
  6. Make the decorative parts such as the fence, tree, wreath, animals and so on. Cut out any leftover dough with regular cookie cutters. The photo shows all the leftover dough this time.) Since the cookies will be covered with sugar, the dough is not that sweet..
  7. Add just a little egg white to the powdered sugar, and mix until it's a bit stiffer than toothpaste. Add lemon juice and mix well again. Put the icing in a plastic bag turned inside out (this way, the seams won't get in the way) and cut a small bit off one corner in lieu of using a piping tip. You can color the icing if you like..
  8. Draw on the roof or a pattern on the walls with icing, and let dry. When it's dry to the touch, assemble the walls → roof → chimney → base → decorative elements in that order. Each assembly step takes about 15 minutes each for the icing to dry..
  9. Done. Put powdered sugar in a tea strainer and shake it to look like snow..
  10. This is the side..
  11. This is the back garden..

Don't let Christmas have all the fun. These Are Our Family's Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipe! Not Only Are They Delicious, But They Are Great For Gifting To Family, Friends And Neighbors Or Leaving Out For Santa. We love everything from shortbread to chocolate cookies, peppermint to cherry in our house. Chilling cookie dough before rolling it can make it too hard to work with.

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