Recipe: Delicious Kneading Dough

Kneading Dough.

Kneading Dough You can have Kneading Dough using 1 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Kneading Dough

  1. You need 1 of Dough.

Kneading Dough instructions

  1. Kneading will ensure your dough is well mixed, and help it to develop a smooth, elastic texture..
  2. Many doughs, especially those containing large amounts of fat, will benefit from being worked on a marble surface. Marble is a great insulator, and therefore will keep your dough from overheating as it is worked..
  3. You can always just use a stand mixer with a dough hook if that's available to you, but kneading by hand can be extremely valuable in guiding you to understand the textural changes a dough passes through as it is worked..
  4. Your work surface should be around elbow level or below so that you can get the proper leverage on your dough..
  5. Take up a ball of dough. Depending on your surface, and the stickiness of your dough, you may need a little flour to facilitate..
  6. Take the far edge of the dough and fold it in half toward you. Push firmly the palm of your dominant hand into the dough, pressing the top flap into the bottom and spreading gently accross your work surface..
  7. Turn the dough about 1/4 turn, clockwise for right-handers and counter for lefties. Repeat as above, folding the dough over and pressing it smoothly into itself..
  8. Repeat, adding flour little by little as needed. Most recipes will specify the length of time a specific dough should be kneaded for. When you're familiar with a recipe, you will learn to identify the texture you're shooting for, and it won't be necessary to time yourself anymore..

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